Supreme Wood Fired Ovens

Supreme Wood Fired Ovens are high quality, hand made wood fired ovens available globally.

Contact Details

Supreme Wood Fired Ovens
15 James Street
Fremantle WA 6160
Mobile: 0412 938 799

Click on the video above to see the oven in action.

The Supreme Wood Fired Oven

  • The "Dragons Breath" heat control system "your cooking pizza within 15 minutes"
  • Two cooking levels allowing you to cook 12 standard size pizzas every 4 minutes
  • Stone or stainless steel bench top
  • Char Grill fire box for cooking steaks, chicken wings, ribs and vegatables
  • On wheels which allows you to move it around or can be built in on site
  • An electric spit for roasting suckling pig, lamb, goat or Greek Gyros kebabs
  • An electric smoker for fish, duck, sausages or kangaroo

Spit Roasting


Char Grilling

Spearwood Alternative School

Salted Board

Pizza oven with dragons breath